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How to Add Pinterest Followers for Free, Easy, and Permanently

Pinterest is one application that is widely used in various worlds, one of which is in Indonesia. In this application there are only media in the form of images and videos. This application is almost the same as Instagram, but there are several advantages to this application, such as the download feature that can make it easier for us to take pictures and videos without having to download additional applications.

In addition, we can also add article links to photos that we upload on Pinterest. Therefore, this application is widely used by bloggers to get traffic easily and naturally. In order for our pinterest account to have many visitors, of course, our account must have a lot of followers. This is useful so that the number of our Pinterest visitors remains consistent and continues to increase.

There are many ways to easily and quickly increase your Pinterest followers. You can use these tools or you can buy them through online services that are currently offered by many people on various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

This article will discuss tips and tricks on how to add pinterest followers for free, naturally, easily, quickly, and permanently. Check out the explanation as follows.

How to Add Free Pinterest Followers, Naturally and Fast

How to Add Pinterest Followers for Free, Easy, and Permanently

Here are tips and tutorials on how to increase your Pinterest followers every day. The method is very easy, you can follow the following tips and tricks.

1. Diligently Upload Images/Pins

The first way to add pinterest followers for free and naturally is to be diligent in uploading images/pins. The content you create must match the theme of your Pinterest account.

Make an interesting picture and try to make the picture HD so that people like it more because the picture is clear and not blurry. In addition, diligently uploading quality images can also make the Pinterest algorithm know which images are good and which are not. So later your account will be recommended by pinterest. This is what can make your smart account get a lot of visitors and of course followers.

The next tip, before uploading an image, make sure you have to prepare a title and description that matches the image you are going to upload. This is useful so that visitors know what image you are uploading and if you want to add a link to your blog, make sure the image matches the theme of the article on your blog.

Often bloggers who do not care about this. If we link a link to an article that doesn't match our image, of course, visitors will be lazy to revisit our pinterest account. Just lazy to visit, let alone follow. This will have an impact on the number of our visitors in the future.

2. Search for pictures that are Popular on Pinterest

Pinterest contains only images and short videos. So, it's no wonder that popular pictures and videos on Pinterest change every day.

It's easy to find currently popular images on Pinterest. Pinterest currently provides a feature where there are images that people are searching for.

If you take advantage of this feature. Then create the appropriate image. This will bring in a lot of followers and traffic later.

3. Use the Pin Idea feature

How to add more pinterest followers by using pin ideas feature. Idea Pin is a Pinterest feature that includes short videos.

You can make short interesting videos about your pinterest themes. This is very helpful for bringing in followers and traffic for free and easily.

4. Do keyword research Title and Description

The next way is to do keyword research on the title and description. Just like creating articles, before embedding you must do keyword research first. This is useful so that you know what image title the visitor is currently searching for. You can use the search feature on Pinterest.

How to use it is quite easy, first you type in the search box on the pinterest application. Then enter your image keywords. If you have, some titles that have been recommended by pinterest will appear later. This method is proven to be able to bring in large amounts of followers and traffic.

5. Create attractive Profile and Cover photos

Creating profile and cover photos should be as attractive as possible to make your account look good and more professional.

The cover photo should contain a variety of information about what image you are posting and other brief information. Usually in this cover photo, people will give a little idea about the photo/image in their post. Cover photos also usually have other social media names such as Instagram, Facebook and others.

6. Create an easy-to-remember Account Name and Username

Before embedding on Pinterest, of course we will create a name and username at the time of account creation.

Before making a name and username, you have to think about what name is suitable for your pinterest account. In addition, the creation of business names and usernames must be short and clear so that visitors can easily remember them.

7. Choose the most searched theme

Because Pinterest contains images, choosing a suitable niche is great for bringing in lots of followers and traffic.

The themes that many people use on pinterest are usually about games, anime, smartphone wallpapers, and others. Choose a theme that you think has the potential to bring in lots of followers and also big traffic.

8. Create Accounts repeatedly

If you have done the above but the number of followers who come is small, you can do this one way. This is a fast way to increase Pinterest followers for free and permanently.

How to do it is very easy and does not require email verification. So, you can do it over and over again.

Then how? Check out the following tutorial.

  • First of all, please enter the pinterest application or you can through a browser with the address 
  • The second step, please sign up then enter your email address, you can write the email address carelessly. In addition, if the email is already registered by someone else, please enter a random email that has not been registered yet. 
  • The next step, please create your password. 
  • The fourth step, please fill in your age, gender, and select 5 themes recommended by pinterest.
  • The last step, go to the search box and search for your original pinterest account then follow.

How easy is it not to add Pinterest followers for free, naturally and permanently? You can do the above over and over again. So, you don't need to spend money to buy Pinterest followers. That's how to add pinterest followers for free, easy, and permanent. Hopefully useful and good luck.