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8 Big Profit Small Capital Business Ideas for Students

As a student owning your own business is a wonderful thing. In this online era, you can do whatever you want, including doing business.

At this time, the needs of students are indeed many, ranging from books, pencils, pens, erasers, and so on. Therefore, there are many students who need side jobs in order to fulfill their needs. In addition, owning your own business can also ease the burden on your parents and at the same time train yourself to be responsible.

Students usually also have a lot of free time so running a business on the side will not be disturbed.

There are so many business ideas that students are currently looking for. However, from it all there are some business ideas that require a lot of capital. Such as opening a boutique, opening a workshop, opening a restaurant and others. Therefore, in this article, will provide some small business ideas for students to try.

8 Big Profit Small Capital Business Ideas for Students

8 Big Profit Small Capital Business Ideas for Students

Here are some small capital business ideas for students. You can see and use it as a consideration if you want to choose a business later.

1. Retailer

The first small capital business idea for students is to become a reseller. Becoming a reseller lately is in great demand among millennials. Besides being easy, becoming a reseller also doesn't require a large amount of capital. The thing that needs to be considered in running this business is how to market merchandise. This can be one of the most important factors to reach a wider market.

This business is very suitable for students, because it can be run online without having to go to a place to sell. You can start looking for items that are trending and liked by consumers. That way you can get a lot of benefits.

You as a beginner can start your business by selling goods cheaply and not requiring a lot of capital. You can sell items such as cellphone accessories, hangers, bracelets, to snacks.

2. Article Writing Services

Being an article writing service is indeed profitable. In addition to not requiring large capital, open article writing services are also sought after by many people.

Nowadays, information can be obtained easily through the internet. Therefore, many people need article writing services on websites or blogs to fill content with various topics.

For those of you who have a hobby of writing, you can add this small capital business idea as a source of income to increase pocket money. To run this business, you can offer your writing skills on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

In addition, you can also become a freelancer on various online platforms such as Sribulancer, Indonesian freelancer, Fiverr, and so on.

3. Credit Agent and Data Packages

The need for credit and internet packages has now become one of the obligations that must be fulfilled for everyone. Without the internet we cannot access information and communication.

This business idea is perfect for students and can be done from home. The capital required is also small. You can promote your business through social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

4. Crafts

Small capital business idea for the next student is selling handicrafts. Everyone's skills and creativity are different. For students, opening a business in the field of handicrafts such as key rings, toys, and other accessories can be the right choice.

Now there are online shops that specialize in selling handicrafts. You can create an account there and can start to promote your belongings.

You can enjoy this business anytime and anywhere. You also need financial records, capital, expenses, income to debt.

5. Selling used clothes

The next small business idea is to sell used clothes. Selling used clothes that are still worth wearing is a trend right now. This small capital business idea can be done by students as well as students.

You can start promoting your used clothes to social media and marketplaces. Prices for used clothes are usually cheaper than buying new clothes.

6. Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a business idea that requires little capital, only requires a cellphone and internet network. New online stores usually open programs to promote products on social media. People who can sell products will later get a commission.

The way to earn money from affiliate programs is to have an active social media account and promote their products.

After following the registration and following the requirements set, the user can start I promote goods in online stores. You can get a commission if you successfully sell goods for each transaction.

7. Cake and Bread Business

Cakes and breads are one of the business ideas that require small capital. This business idea belongs to the culinary category. You can make various innovations on your cakes and breads. For example, adding an image to the cake or bread you make.

You can start marketing your cakes and breads online through social media like Instagram and Faceebok. This business is very suitable for students because it is easy and simple. Creativity and innovation are very much needed in doing this business.

In addition, the capital needed to do this cake and bread business is also small. You only need ingredients and tools to make cakes, you can start this business right away.

8. Snack Bouquet

Making a snack bouquet can be the right choice for students. You only need a little capital, you can get big profits.

Making a snack bouquet requires skill and good innovation. Selection of colors and ribbons is very necessary. This is so that the snack bouquet that is made can be attractive and harmonious in color.

To market a snack bouquet, you can sell it online. Currently, there are many marketplaces that specialize in selling bouquets. You can create an account and promote your snack bouquet there.

Those are 8 small capital business ideas for students that you can use as a reference before starting a business. If you want to know more information about business, you can visit Are any of the 8 small capital business ideas above your choice? Hopefully this article is useful.