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How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2022

Creating a blog is one way that we can work through writing or it can also be a medium to promote our products. Blogs have become an online platform that has been widely used by people around the world, one of them in Indonesia.

Having an interesting blog and making money is certainly everyone's dream. Because apart from being a medium for work, blogs can also be a source of our income. Many of you have earned a lot of money from their writing work. No wonder, if currently creating an interesting blog is one way to get rupiah coffers easily.

In addition to making money, blogs can also be used for promotional media. Currently, many people have created blogs for product promotion media in their stores. As technology develops, selling merchandise online has become a current trend. This is because apart from being easy to buy products, we also don't have to bother going to markets or malls around us. So, very frugal and of course much liked by everyone, especially people who are busy every day taking care of work.

Talking about blogs, creating a blog is not as difficult as we think. Many people think that creating a blog must be able to program first. However, we can ignore it by using the following method. Here's a tutorial on how to create a free blog and make money in 2022

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2022

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2022

Creating a blog can actually be through several platforms on Google such as blogger, wordpress, weenly, joomla, wix, tumblr and many more. But this article will discuss how to create a blog on wordpress and blogger. Because both platforms are already widely used or commonly used by bloggers.

How to create a blog on Blogger easily

Before creating a blog, make sure you already have a Google account. This is useful so that your blog can later be accessed easily through that account.

  • First of all, please create a google account first. Try a new and never used account to create a blog on
  • The second step, search in the google search box using the keyword or via the address
  • The third step, select the blog account you want to create. How to choose an account, you can click the circle in the upper right corner, then select the account you want to use.
  • The fourth step, create a blog title as desired.
  • The next step, create the url of your blog address.
  • The last step, the blog is ready to use.

How to Create a Blog in WordPress Easily

In addition to the Blogger platform, WordPress is also an alternative that is widely used to create a blog. How to make it quite easy you can follow the following tutorial.

  • First of all, please go to the browser then just search for 'wordpress' or you can go to
  • The second step, enter your 'email' which you want to register. In addition to email, you can use an apple account. If you have clicked create an account.
  • The third step, confirm the account via the email you registered earlier.
  • The third step, select the domain you want to create or you can use your own domain (paid).
  • The next step, click start create free.
  • The final step, the blog is ready for you to use.

Tips for Interesting Blogs

Creating a blog is actually an easy thing to practice. However, making a blog to make it look attractive is certainly very difficult to practice, especially if you are starting a blog for the first time. Here are some tips to make your blog interesting and comfortable for visitors to read.

1. Use a nice and simple blog template

Using templates is one way to make your blog look attractive. Now there are lots of templates that you can use, ranging from free to paid templates. Paid templates certainly have good quality and will usually get regular updates from the creator. Even so, you can also use the free templates provided by blogger. The template is also no less interesting than the paid templates.

Using a simple blog template has many advantages, one of which is easy to access and not slow when visited. By adding a template, our blog can be more colorful and not boring to look at.

2. Create a simple Blog Navigation

Blog navigation has a main function, namely to make it easier for readers to find articles that have been grouped or menus on a blog. Blog navigation is also believed to make blogs interesting and pleasing to the eye.

3. Create a Unique Logo

Logo is an identity in the form of an image which is usually located above a blog (Header). Having a unique logo will make our blog more attractive and not monotonous.

4. Addright picture on article

Articles are the main key if you want to start becoming a blogger. Making quality articles is very important, but if you don't add pictures, of course this will make your blog unattractive and people will be lazy to read it. Tips for interesting pictures, make sure you make your own with color variations and of course according to the color of the blog, the picture is simple, the picture doesn't need to use writing.

Blogs are a means to share information as well as a tool to earn money. That's a little information about a tutorial on how to create a blog for free and make money in 2022 . Hopefully useful and good luck!