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How to Create a Google Form on an Android Phone

There are many ways to create a google form that you can use. Google forms are usually used for various purposes such as company surveys, online registration forms, student registration, making school assignments and so on.

How to make a google form is quite easy, can be via cellphone or pc. The features in Google Forms are great and varied because you can get answers directly from responders.

Understanding Google Forms

Google Forms or Google Forms is a Google service in the form of software survey administration that you can use for questions and answers, and you can customize it to suit your needs.

Google has now developed innovation by presenting several platforms, such as google docs, sheets, slides and many more. There are many types that you can use to create google forms such as questionnaires and registration forms.

Google Forms Functions

Making a google form is certainly not without reason. To make a google form make sure you already know its function. Check out the explanation as follows.

1. Create a Questionnaire

The main function of the google form service is to create a questionnaire in the form of a form. This function usually contains criticism, suggestions, input, reviews and materials for the development of a research. Creating a questionnaire is often used by some business people, schools, companies to get an assessment from many people.

2. Create Job Registration Form

As technology developed, paper job registration disappeared. Currently, there are many companies that make google forms for prospective workers who want to register. Besides being easy to manage data, companies also don't have to bother looking at the contents of job application letters one by one.

Using google forms for job application forms can also reach more applicants. Especially now that there is a COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Schoolwork

In addition to work, google forms can also be used to collect school assignments. Currently, many schools use online systems for learning. In addition, we are also not allowed to meet face to face. So using google forms is the most appropriate method for submitting school assignments.

Benefits of Google Forms

The advantage of Google Forms is that it is easy to use and disseminate and the results can be entered in sheet form. So that online survey data can be downloaded and processed easily and practically.

Google forms are also very practical and can save paper. By using technology, we do not need to hand out paper to respondents to ask for their opinion. So it really helps companies in saving ink, time and effort.

In addition, another benefit is that you can create data in the form of files in an easy, structured, and certainly not confusing way. Usually used by schools to record thousands of students when they enter school.

Then how to make a google form on an android phone? Check out the method as follows.

How to Create a Google Form on an Android Phone Without an Application

How to Create a Google Form on an Android Phone

To make it, here are the steps.

  • Please enter the browser and search on google from or go to
  • If you are already logged in, then edit the title and description as needed.
  • Type the first statement on the form.
  • Select the first question type you want to use. Each question is set to multiple choice. Choose a different question type for each question form.
  • Click option 1 under the first question, then enter the response options for the first question.
  • Drag the required buttons onto the image. This menu is located in the lower-left corner of your phone's screen.
  • Tap the icom image if you want to add a new question.
  • Click the color palette icon to open a color pop-up menu that you can use to change the form's theme.
  • Enter the contact email address under the email title then click the To field and enter the email of the prospective respondent.
  • The final step, click the send button at the bottom of your phone screen. It's in the lower-right corner of the form submission page. This will send the form to potential responders via email.

Besides being used for surveys, Google Forms can also be a tool for recording files easily and without any hassle. That's how to make a google form on an android phone without an application. Hope this article helps and thank you for visiting this blog.

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